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About Java

JÁVA is a joyful creative toy building-set which improves manual skills and visual perceptions of little children as well as of older ones. Whichever kit having chosen by our customers will contain a suggestion-book in the box.
This suggestion-book shows how to build up some objects (a chair, a table, cars, etc.) from very simple to more complicated ones. The some pictures shown in it only serve as samples. Children’s fantasy may create not only much more but much more inventive buildings too, not least for the purpose to be able to play then with these “toys” made by them. This building set makes even the youngest children feel successful, given that it’s assembling is relatively easy.
While inventing the new objects or toys, the children’s manual skills and visual perceptions improve as well as their creativity.

The toy-kits below have been in trade:
JÁVA 1: Toy-kit suitable for building simple, small objects. Containing 209 parts, it is the smallest among our toy-kits.
JÁVA 2: Basic toy-kit containing 246 parts, suitable for making vehicles, too.
JÁVA 3: Toy-kit completed with a new unit which rends possible joint-motion too. It contains 651 parts and is fit to inspire even older children to build.
JÁVA 4: Toy-kit completed with balls and joints that enable to bend the joined parts and to build figures as well (containing 838 parts)
JÁVA 5: Toy-kit containing 386 elements, suitable for construction of fire- engine (from red elements).
JÁVA 6: 1420 elements packed in a big plastic box, designed for building of some engines, e.g. crane, shovel, dump car from yellow elements.
JÁVA 7: This is the newest toy-kit suitable for building new objects which need the new, curved elements. Contains 748 elements, packed in a 5, 5 litre plastic box.


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